Budget Management

  • One of the key elements of a successful company is the implementation of a business strategic plan which conveys not only the company’s mission, core values and service strategies but their financial plan approach as well. In construction, once financing is in place, it is essential that funds are structured in order to obtain a framework that establishes a breakdown of measureable components. From hereon, the need to be vigilant on contractual compliance with funding source requirements are monitored and reviewed; correct expenditures are allocated within the established funding source baseline, particularly if government resources are involved.
Project billings & cost reporting
AIA G702-G703 Pay Requisitions
Percentage of Completion
Schedule of Values
WBS- Work Breakdown Structure
WIP- Work-In-Progress
Accounts Receivable
Revenue Recognition
Over/Under Billings
Retainage/securities in lieu of Retention
Cash Flow
Contingencies & Allowances