Project Audit

Construction by its nature, is defined by scope, driven by schedule and limited by its budget. It is shaped by quality, designed with sustainability and built with safety in mind.

What then distinguishes your company from your competitors? Service, Performance and Innovation are all excellent traits yet there is one that  speaks volumes – Integrity.

Compliance with established industry standard policies and procedures not only establishes benchmarks but assigns accountability for decisions made and actions taken. Auditing can determine the adequacy of established internal project controls in minimizing exposure to cost overruns, mitigating liability/legal claims, and discovering operational factors that  adversely affect project schedules.

The audit reviews provide a “lesson learned” road map for improving future performance and identifies the level of effort that adds value to the  project. It addresses the right balance of risks and rewards throughout the project’s life cycle. Despite scope variations, challenging milestones and  cost restrictions, quality innovation, creative sustainability in a safe and secure environment can be attained.

Resource Allocation & Monitoring
Revenue Recognition
Scope Change
Cost Control
Fund Control
Claim dispute resolution:Partnering
Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation
Work Breakdown & Coding Structure
Profit GM/Fee Erosion
Write Up/Down
Project Reporting:budget/cost/scope
Risk Monitoring