Change Management

No project is “cast in stone”. Changes can be the result of necessary design modifications, differing site conditions; material/equipment availability, value engineering and events beyond the control of owner, architect or contractor; such as labor unrest, an earthquake, or even weather may impact the construction and cause changes.

A pro-active approach in what constitute a change – the event (cause) and  the action (effect) implemented to manage the change needs to be  addressed in a timely manner in order for such change to be incorporated into the project scope of work.

Change Orders (in scope/out of scope)
CCE – Construction Change Estimate
CCD – Construction Change Directive
PCO – Potential Change Order
COR- Change Order Request
Cost over/under runs
COP-Change Order Proposal
CTO – Charge To Owner
NCTO – No Charge To Owner
Field work directives
Back Charges