Document Management

The amount of paperwork that abounds on a construction project can at times be overwhelming yet these documents are the records of information that are needed to ensure that project goals are achieved and that the interest of all stakeholders are protected. In most cases, the party with a properly documented set of acceptable standard reports or accounts (that are identifiable, justifiable and verifiable) to support its position will not only discourage other parties from pursuing meritless claims and litigation but is also in a better position to win its case.

RFQ – Request for Qualification/Quotes
RFP – Request for Proposal
ITB – Invitation To Bid
NTP – Notice To Proceed
RFI – Request For Information
Meeting Minutes
Plans & Specs
Test & Inspection reports
Daily Reports
Permits & approvals
Prevailing wage reports
Certified payroll reports
Architect/Engineer Certifications
Subcontractor/Vendor evaluations
Submittals/Transmittals/ logs
O&M Manuals
Punch List
Shop & As-built dwgs
Certificate of Occupancy
Notice of Completion
Project Close out