Project Forecast

There is no crystal ball that can predict stock market direction nor is there a blue print that foresees the outcome of a construction project. There are however, economic indicators, market events and construction trends that can allude to your company’s prospective long term trade outlook.

Laying the groundwork now by identifying which market sectors in the industry would generate a favorable return on investment; understanding how the effect of past performance and its implications can impact future events and discovering areas of improvement in a project’s life cycle from concept to completion, will increase your chances to stay a step ahead of the competition.

Moreover, preparing for the “winds of change” through anticipating industry trends, creating new sources of revenue in emerging markets,  recognizing resource constraints, and implementing control strategies to   manage change would not only bring about financial sustainability but develop client confidence as well.

ETC  – Estimate To Complete
EAC –  Estimate At Completion
Budget vs Cost variance analysis
Historical Cost/Trend Analysis
Progress Measurement
Project Escalation/Reduction
Evaluate Earned Value (management)
Project Status Update:budget/cost/scope
Project opportunity evaluation
Trend Impact Analysis Projections